The Advantages Of Having A High Star Rank In Mario Kart 8

To understand the star rank system in Mario Kart 8, you need to know what it is and how to earn it. This is crucial if you want to improve your skills and win more races. In this section, we will explain what a star rank is and provide you with tips for earning it. Additionally, we will show you how to keep track of your current star rank to keep yourself motivated and on track to achieving your goals.

What Do The Stars Mean in Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 offers a Star Rank system that scores racers based on their performance. Players can score up to three stars in Grand Prix and Time Trials. To get these stars, players must finish in the top half of the race, dodge obstacles and use power-ups wisely.

The Star Rank is important for unlocking new vehicle customizations and courses. As players collect more stars, they can drive faster vehicles and have character skins. So, it’s key to get a high Star Rank to enjoy the game.

To get more stars, players should focus on avoiding obstacles and using items. It’s also helpful to practise each course in Time Trials before racing in Grand Prix. By improving these parts of the game, players can increase their chances of a higher Star Rank. Slap on some banana peels and red shells to gain a shining Star in Mario Kart 8!

How to earn a Star Rank in Mario Kart 8?

Achieving a Star Rank in Mario Kart 8 requires a certain score and completing races within a set time. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Win Races – Score big by winning races.
  2. Collect Coins & Items – Grab coins and items on the track to boost your score.
  3. Avoid Damage – Don’t get hit by weapons or obstacles – it reduces your score.
  4. Be Fast – Get to the finish line as quickly as possible to earn extra points.
  5. Race Consistently – Keep racing without major losses until you get your score.

Mario Kart 8 has lots of features to help you reach Star Rank. Character-specific abilities, car customizations and item usage can help you. Time Trials can help you practise driving skills. Pick one character/vehicle combo that suits your playstyle, and master it.

Getting Star Rank in Mario Kart 8 is like cracking a code – without any hints other than bananas and shells thrown at you!

How to Know Your Current Star Rank in Mario Kart 8?

Mario Kart 8 is an exhilarating racing game with multiplayer features. To find your Star Rank, go to the Grand Prix mode. It’s next to your name and can reach a maximum of three stars.

To get stars, you must finish in the top four positions of each race. First place will get three stars, fourth place one star. If you get all three stars for all cups, you’ll get a higher Star Rank.

You need to perform well in multiple races and cups for a high Star Rank. Mastering tracks, using power-ups at the right time, and avoiding obstacles are key.

A PLOS ONE journal study found playing video games like Mario Kart can improve cognitive functions. So it’s not only fun, it can also benefit your brain!

To master Mario Kart 8, you must understand Star Rank. Determination and practice, plus good in-game skills, help you get more stars and increase your rank. If you have a high Star Rank, it’s like being the popular kid in school – you get faster cars and more bragging rights!

Advantages of Having a High Star Rank in Mario Kart 8

To understand the benefits of having a high star rank in Mario Kart 8, you need to know what the stars mean in Mario Kart 8. Achieving higher star ranks awards you with access to Gold Mario, unlocks new wheels and gliders, increases your chance of winning races, and grants access to new kart customization options.

Access to Gold Mario

Achieve a high Star Rank in Mario Kart 8 and you’ll get the chance to unlock Golden Mario – a rare character with a shiny exterior and special abilities. It’s a coveted prize, and a sign of skill and dedication within the community.

Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive tracks, vehicles and customization options. These will give you an edge on the track and make your gameplay more exciting.

So, it’s time to start racing towards higher Star Ranks. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be the best driver on the track! Get ready to upgrade your kart and show off your skills.

Unlocking New Wheels and Gliders

Reaching a High Star Rank in Mario Kart 8 will give you sweet rewards! You can get exclusive Wheels and Gliders, which come in all sorts of unique designs. Here’s why they’re so great:

  • They boost your stats: Speed up, handle better, and accelerate faster with new Wheels and Gliders.
  • Customise your experience: Mix and match different Wheels and Gliders to create something special.
  • Stay fresh: Different Wheels and Gliders bring distinct gameplay experiences every race.
  • New challenges: Unlocking them often comes with challenging goals.
  • Show off: High star-ranking players get exclusive Wheels/Gliders to flaunt their skill level.

All the effort spent achieving a High Star Rank in Mario Kart 8 is worth it! Go forth and win races with improved stats and the satisfaction of completing those tough side goals. Plus, with over 35 million copies sold worldwide according to Nintendo, you know you’re in good company! Get those High Star Rank rewards and make your opponents cry with envy!

Increased Chance of Winning Races

If you want to win races in Mario Kart 8, a higher Star Rank helps. Here’s why:

  1. Better Items: Higher Star Ranks give access to better items to slow down opponents or get speed boosts.
  2. Improved Control: As you progress, your control of the kart gets better. This lets you navigate tricky courses and make quick decisions.
  3. Knowledge of Tracks: The more time spent racing at higher ranks, the more you know about optimal routes, shortcuts, and traps.

Plus, lower Star Ranks may think those at higher ranks are more experienced or skilled. That could give those with higher rankings a psychological advantage.

Sources say that a higher Star Rank does help on Mario Kart 8 circuits. And with new kart customizations, you can make a vehicle that looks like a hotdog on wheels!

Access to New Kart Customization Options

Mario Kart 8 offers special Kart Customization Options to those who have achieved high Star Ranks. These exclusive options give players an edge in the game.

  • New Body and Wheels: Higher star rankings unlock a wider variety of karts with better speed and weight.
  • Upgraded Gliders: Players gain access to new gliders with improved abilities, like longer air time.
  • Unique Paint Jobs: At different levels, exclusive paint jobs are unlocked for an aesthetic appeal and individuality.

Players can experiment with combinations of kart parts for better performance. This exclusive access to customization options encourages players to progress in the game.

Pro Tip – To climb the ranks quickly, master each course and utilise the customization options available. Remember, in Mario Kart, being behind on your star rank is worse than being behind in a race.

Tips for Achieving and Maintaining a High Star Rank in Mario Kart 8

To achieve and maintain a high star rank in Mario Kart 8, you need to focus on winning races and master the courses. Choosing the right character and kart combination can also be crucial to your success. Additionally, using items wisely is a skill that can give you an extra edge. In this section, we will discuss these four sub-sections in detail to help you improve your Mario Kart gameplay.

Focus on Winning Races

Wanna get a high star rank in Mario Kart 8? Then focus on winning races. Choose the right racer, kart, and tires. Keep your eyes on the road and plan ahead. Winning = more points = climbing the ranks. Stay focused and anticipate other players’ moves. Timing your power-ups is key. Use strategic driving techniques. Train in training rooms. Check out online shortcuts and tricks. Play with friends or online to improve. Don’t ignore these tips – start using them today! Lastly, don’t be afraid to practise a course until you know it better than your own name – unless that name is Rainbow Road!

Master the Courses

To master Mario Kart 8, one needs to understand the essence of ‘perfecting manoeuvres on the circuit’.

  • Firstly, learn the course maps.
  • Next, practice drifting and boosting.
  • When racing others, use shortcuts to get in the lead.
  • Learn anti-gravity sections and how to beat them.
  • Lastly, master power-slides, braking techniques, and use items wisely. It’s essential to apply and persist to master the races.

Also, be aware of which order the races come in as Mario Kart can be random.

Surprisingly, on Rainbow Road between two hairpin turns, there is a secret shortcut for those who can jump off into space and land ahead of other players!

Finally, picking the perfect character and kart combo is simple and without any emotional baggage.

Choose the Right Character and Kart Combination

Aiming for a high rank in Mario Kart 8? Pick the optimal combo of character and kart! This gives great speed, control and acceleration on different tracks. Here’s a table with recommendations for different racing styles:

Racing StyleCharacter and Kart Recommendations
Speed-focusedBowser + JET Bike
Control-focusedToad + Standard Bike or Pipe Frame
BalancedMario + Mach 8 or Sports Coupe

These recs aren’t the only ones. Players should experiment with different characters’ weight and kart parts to find what suits them.

Analyse opponents’ gameplay to get insight into their playstyle. Check their favourite characters and karts. This helps you select and improve the right combo for competing effectively.

Gamesradar revealed that motion controls result in less accuracy compared to traditional controller gameplay. So, avoid motion controls when aiming for a top ranking in Mario Kart 8.

Remember, it’s not just collecting items – use them like a vengeful god!

Use Items Wisely

As a Mario Kart 8 player, using items at the opportune time makes a huge difference in getting a high rank. Here are some tips to use them strategically:

  1. Keep defensive items like shells and bananas for when you get hit.
  2. Hold onto speed boosts until you’re behind, or near the finish line.
  3. Wait for someone to be in front of you before using red shells.
  4. Mushrooms only work if you have room to take advantage of them.
  5. Don’t use homing shells if no one is around – they’ll go to space.
  6. Don’t forget coins are also an item – collect as many as possible.

Items work better on certain courses. Like, a banana peel might be more useful in a narrow corridor than on an open track. So choose them according to the course you’re racing on.

Though items are essential, driving skill is still the main factor in winning. I once was in first place, until someone hit me with a lightning bolt. I stayed calm and used my driving techniques to get back to first place. Yes, the real winners in Mario Kart 8 aren’t those in first, but those who leave the most banana peels behind!


Achieving a high star rank in Mario Kart 8 has its perks. Unlocking new cars, kart parts, and participating in tougher races are just some of them. Show off your skills to others, or use it as bragging rights. And it implies mastery of the game.

Plus, playing at higher levels leads to more strategies and risk-taking. This can give you better gameplay and unforgettable experiences.

Pro Tip: Practising often and experimenting with characters and karts can boost your chances of getting a high star rank!